The One is a wholesome, conversation-first, dating app

Did you know 80% of dating app users say that a good conversation is the single best indicator to spot chemistry?

We created The One because we think the dating app industry is heading in the wrong direction by forcing people to superficially judge one another based on looks.

In The One, you get a few new matches every three days and you spend your time getting to know your matches through chat and exciting profiles. The app has a 72-hour countdown timer and unless you tap the Extend Chat button your matches disappear forever when the timer reaches zero...

But wait, when that timer reaches zero you get more matches to chat with 🤓


We timed it. With a good internet connection, you might even beat our time. Send us your time in the in-app feedback section.
  • 1

    Get the app

    Search for The One - Dating App
  • 2

    Sign up

    Connect with Facebook or phone number
  • 3

    Add your gender preference

    And a profile photo if you are logging in with phone number
  • 4

    Reveal your matches

    You get matched instantly with three people
  • 5

    Use an Icebreaker

    Or just say hi!
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